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The Castle of Chaos haunted house is one of the best and creepiest haunted houses in Utah. Tucked away in the town of Midvale, Utah, this place offers a variety of year-round - around haunting houses as well as a night five - leveled extreme spooky called Crucible. It could be one of the most popular haunted houses in Utah and perhaps even across the country.

The castle is an original and unique haunting experience that is continually rated as Utah favorite. The Field of Spell, the Castle of Chaos was voted one of America's creepiest Halloween attractions by the Travel Channel, and packages of four with TICKETS to the Castle of Chaos were voted "the most popular haunted house in Utah" and "the best haunted house in the state of Utah." The castle has been the subject of a number of original, unique experiences that have been consistently rated Utah favorites, and it is a favorite of many Utah residents and visitors from around the country and the world. In addition to being voted the "Most Scary Halloween Attraction in America" by "The Travel Channel," it has also been voted "Best Haunted House in America" in several other states and even the United States.

This museum is both entertaining and educational, and has an extensive collection, and this place loosely holds up as the best free museum in Utah, though they welcome donations. This is certainly a must-see in the 2011 competition - check out the museum for every Utah resident, visitor or visitor.

Visitors can watch a movie, watch one of the cosmic light shows, move around the museum and even watch movies in a virtual reality environment. Many museums are only open in summer, but one of the best ways to experience things is to visit them in Utah. Take a day off to visit the many museums around Utah and learn a little about the state's history and family, or visit one or both of Utah's amazing pioneering museums.

One of Utah's best museums for children at Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake City, explores popular collections of geology, anthropology and biology. One of Utah's most popular attractions, the Utah Museum of Natural History, is a family-friendly event that can be attended year-round. Visit the Mormon Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts and artefacts from the original settlers, as well as a Mormon History Museum.

The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and offers exhibits, activities and guided tours for visitors of all ages.

Even the history of Great Salt Lake can be found at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, which tops the list of most popular museums in Utah. The Museum of Fine Arts in Utah, which houses a collection of more than 1,000 works of art, sculpture, ceramics, glass and other arts and crafts, has the largest collection of its kind in the United States at any time, according to its website.

If you are absolutely fascinated by everything prehistoric, this place is just the place for you, and if abstract sculpture is your thing, then it is your alley. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Utah, which displays more than 21,000 art objects, is a magnet for the imagination, as are the rotating art exhibitions in the museum's main hall, the Art Gallery of the Utah State Museum.

The artifacts of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers are exhibited at the Oneida Pioneer Museum in the building on the Bult (1914), which became a museum in 1992. The museum contains more than 20,000 artifacts from Utah's history that illustrate the human history that shaped Utah and Salt Lake City. Historical artifacts included in this collection cover the time when the first Mormon settlers entered the Salt Lake Valley and the first transcontinental railroad from Promontory Point, Utah, was completed in 1869. The Prehistoric Museum includes archaeology and paleontology and houses the largest collection of prehistoric and prehistoric artifacts in Utah history, as well as fossils and fossils from around the world.

Accredited by the powerful American Alliance of Museums, this museum is located on the eastern campus of Utah State University. The Natural History Museum of Utah is one of the most popular museums in the United States, attracting about 78,000 visitors each year. This museum traces the history of human evolution and religion founded in New York, as well as the development of science and technology in Utah and around the world. Utah's sprawling Provo campus, home to the University of Salt Lake, is essentially a place for zoological studies.

Across the state, you'll find a variety of exhibits about Utah's history and people. Given that we have such a deep history of Utah's past, it's no surprise to see museums devoted to its history. Like many others, Utah has a number of high-quality museums, ranging from prehistoric paleontology to pioneering pride.

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