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According to the United States Census Bureau, the city is estimated to have 1,743,000 people, or about 2.5 percent of the total Utah population. Bingham Junction, originally known as Sharon Steel, is located on the western border of Midvale and covers about 446 hectares.

The median price of a home is estimated to be $241,200 in 2018, with the median price forecast to rise to $338,000 in less than two years, according to the US Census Bureau. I ordered my mattress on Monday and was told it would be there at around 4: 6am on Wednesday, and then told me I hadn't heard back from the man in the shop in Midvale, Ont. He would call me when I arrived at his shop and say he would call me back, but I could immediately understand that my husband and I were just looking, not ready to buy.

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Jordan Bluffs, south of Bingham Junction, was originally part of the Sharon Steel slag. People in the area probably called it "Midvale" because it is centrally located in the valley. Midvale is located on the west side of Utah's Salt Lake Valley, north of downtown Utah City, and is an early destination for Utah settlers.

Businesses in Fort Union also brought the city, but they did not provide it with a much larger population base. The shops in Fort Union, along with other businesses in the area, such as a grocery store and post office, also brought much of Utah's early settlers from the West.

Midvale is home to Bingham Junction, an economic hub in the west of the city, and Fort Union, its commercial hub. It is also the location of a stop for the red line that runs from the western edge of Salt Lake County to the University of Utah, Utah's flagship university. The city has three light rail stations: the blue line stops at the eastern end of Midvale, near the intersection of East Main Street and South Park Boulevard, the yellow line on East Park Avenue and the southern line on West Park Street. Both lines serve several business districts, including downtown, as well as the South Lake City area and a number of residential neighborhoods.

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